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Current opportunities for members listed on this page include:  An an opportunity to sell your products in a local store.

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Cincinnati Invents!

The Inventors Council of Cincinnati (ICC) has been working on making arrangements with a small local retailer to carry ICC members’ inventions. The next step in this process is collecting
information from member inventors who would like their inventions to be considered for this opportunity.

Here’s how this will work:

o The retailer will choose inventions from a listing compiled by ICC
o The inventor will be contacted by the retailer and asked to sign a consignment agreement
o One invention will be featured in this Cincinnati store each month
o During this month, the inventor will participate in a one-day "Meet the Inventor" event at the store
o The store will keep on hand a stock of the inventor’s products on a consignment basis
o At the end of the month, any remaining stock will be returned to the inventor with a check for the products sold

Once we have information for several promising products, ICC will provide that information to the retailer. As we gather information about additional products, that information will be
continuously passed along to the retailer. Once the retailer chooses the first product to feature, we will send out a press release and notification to members.

If you are an ICC member and wish to be considered for this program, we need the following information from you:

o A photo of the product (digital images ideal; a print will also do)
o A description of the product
o Pricing information (wholesale/retail) – no bar codes necessary
o Information about product availability
o Your contact information
o TWO copies of any product brochures or other literature you may have

ALL TYPES OF PRODUCTS WILL BE CONSIDERED—and even if your particular product isn’t selected for this opportunity, if the project is successful, ICC may be able to identify similar opportunities at different kinds of outlets. If you are a member and if you have a product to sell, please send your information to:

Katherine Durack
120 Garfield Pl. Apt. 316
Cincinnati OH 45202
(513) 651-0298

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Inventor's Council of Cincinnati
P.O. Box 42103 * Cincinnati * OH * 45242