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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Join your local inventor club today to become eligible and learn how to submit your products!!!







Slides Courtesy of Mark Reyland, UIA


2009 InventorFest, October 24th, 12:30 to 4:00 pm

2006 Greater Cincinnati Inventor's Fair

You are invited to submit your product to be considered as a participant in the 2006 Greater Cincinnati Inventor’s Fair, to be held Tuesday, May 16 at the Montgomery Inn Conference Center. The Fair, organized in conjunction with the ICC, will feature select inventions that represent the creative spirit of today.

The 2005 Inventor’s Fair was highly successful. Based on presenting at the Fair, one product is currently in licensing/funding negotiations. Other benefits attendees say they received include: excellent media coverage; increased credibility; securing new clients; learning what the venture/angel capital industry looks for; and a general increase in confidence and input from the experience.

Please provide a one-page Executive Summary on your patented or patent-pending product, including the following information, no later than Friday, March 24. You will be notified as to your participation the week of April 3.

If your product is chosen to participate, you will present a 3-minute summary to attendees, including venture & angel capitalists, attorneys, bankers, manufacturers, the media, and others in the product development industry. In order to present, you must attend a short training session on how to present to the investor market. This session will be held the week of April 17.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck!

1. Your name, company name, contact information
2. Product name & patent status
3. Product description: what it is, how it is unique, what problem it solves/benefit it provides
4. Product/company history and current status
5. What you’re looking to gain from the Inventor’s Fair, such as funding (how much, uses); planning/ development support; contacts; other
6. Photo of your product (this can be separate from the one-page summary – you must have at least a working prototype to participate)

Please submit to the Inventor’s Council of Cincinnati: or PO Box 42103, Cincinnati, OH 45242-0103 no later than Friday, March 24, 2005.  For questions, e-mail or call 513/319-8450

Past Programs:

  • "The Inside Scoop on Innovating" On March 3, 2006, Michael Collins, CEO of the Big Idea Group, Inc. of Manchester, NH, spoke about challenges and opportunities facing independent inventors.  The meeting was free and open to the public. Collins discussed his experience as an inventor and founder of a national invention agency specializing in consumer product goods. BIG has licensed or is in the process of bringing to market over 50 products. The company’s clients and partners include QVC, Staples, Waterloo Industries, Gillette, DEMCO, Gamewright, Overbreak, Target, and more. The speech commenced at 6:30 and ran until about 8 pm in the Meeting Room of the Sharonville Branch Library, 10980 Thornview Drive, in Cincinnati. Special thanks to the Cincinnati Public Library and Librarian John Schlipp for making the meeting room available. Collins also met with inventors on March 4 and 5 in private, confidential, no-cost one-on-ones and reviewed ideas for licensing potential. Interested inventors contacted Big Idea Group directly (or 603-641-5955) to schedule their Roadshow reviews.   

  • Jack Carik of Inventor Services presented a special program on September 13, 2005 entitled "Invention Intervention." Jack shared his 40 years of experience and knowlege about the invention business, both good and bad.Some of the issues he covered were: what makes a great consumer product; how do I get my invention to market without spending a lot of money; how to find a licensing partner; patents - do I need one? why products do and don't sell. The program finished with a question-and-answer period to make sure all issues were addressed.

  • Invention University:  Lisa Lloyd, founder and president of Invention University, and highly successful inventor, presented a program in March 2003 on "So You Have A Great Idea ... Now What?"  This program was extremely well received, as participants learned about the product development straight from an expert.  For information on receiving Invention University's in-depth program book, e-mail


  • Jump Start Your Business Brain:  Doug Hall, founder of Eureka! Ranch and author of several books on business development and creativity, presented a program in March 2002.  Doug shared his insights into the creative process, instilling energy and enthusiasm in all who attended.  To purchase Jump Start Your Business Brain, click here.

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