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  • The Inventor's Council of Cincinnati is a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping people express their creativity through the development and marketing of new products. 
  • Just like any business inventing, or new product development, can follow a predictable and manageable process, one that does not necessarily have to cost you your life savings.
  • From developing and protecting ideas to making and selling them, or finding someone to do it for you, the Inventor's Council can help. We provide the support you need to help make decisions about where you and your products are going.


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For legal purposes, the officers and board of directors must declare that advice, tips, references, or opinions which are obtained - via any manner - from the Inventor's Council of Cincinnati, its members, officers, directors, guest presenters, etc., may not be well-suited for your particular business needs.  No information received from the organization shall be construed as legal counsel.

Inventor's Council of Cincinnati
P.O. Box 42103 * Cincinnati * OH * 45242